Are you also curious about the story of Sinterklaas? Click quickly and experience a day full of packages together with Sinterklaas! To make it extra special Sinterklaas has thought of you personally!
Santa Claus
Have you ever been to Santa's house? Come to Santa's and experience a world of Christmas presents with all his fairies! To give you the best experience, Santa invited you personally!
Party Piet Pablo
Always wanted to spend a day with Party Piet Pablo? Then experience together with Pablo a surprising story in a real castle! The Sinterklaas party is very important for Pablo and that's why he thought of you personally!
Love Piet
Would you also like to be close to Love Piet? Then take a look at her videos and experience a day full of surprises together with Love Piet! To make it extra special for you, Love Piet has not forgotten you!
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