Love Piet

Love Piet

Would you also like to be close to Love Piet? Then take a look at her videos and experience a day full of surprises together with Love Piet! To make it extra special for you, Love Piet has not forgotten you! Be aware that this video is produced in Dutch only.

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    Join Love Piet on a voyage of discovery in the castle of Sinterklaas! Love Piet finds the golden key of Sinterklaas and discovers all the secret rooms in the castle. She ends up in the treasure room of Sinterklaas and finds a giant ball pit. On the way she tells everything about you! What your name is, what your hobbies are, even your favorite animal knows how to name Love Piet. But during her voyage of discovery she forgets to open the room for the other helpers... would all your presents be packed in time for December 5? 

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    • Belgium
    • Netherlands
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