Party Piet Pablo

Party Piet Pablo

Always wanted to spend a day with Party Piet Pablo? Then experience together with Pablo a surprising story in a real castle! The Sinterklaas party is very important for Pablo and that's why he thought of you personally! Be aware that this video is produced in Dutch only.

  • Wat beleef je?

    Party Piet Pablo, known from the Pieten Stijl and the Pieten Sinterklaas Move, takes you into the castle of Sinterklaas. Party Piet Pablo tells everything about you from his pieten book: what your name is, what your hobbies are, he even knows your favorite food! There is only one problem... The castle is already very old and therefore really in need of a major renovation. During this renovation a lot goes wrong. Especially when Sinterklaas gets stuck in the parcel room! Will you support Party Piet Pablo and the other helpers to liberate Sinterklaas? 

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